Thunderous applause surround as While She Waits takes the stage...This is a common occurrence when this commanding Southern Rock band from Phoenix, Arizona is introduced. Comprised of 4 top musicians (Tim Rooen/Guitar, Matthew Kohlman/ Guitar and back-up vocals, Aaron Belk/Drums, Dave Vessels/Bass) and their powerhouse lead singer, James Cole. While She Waits is on the rise in the music scene. Their hit single "The Stranger" is nominated for single of the year in the 2014 L.A. music awards (

With influences spanning from Alice in Chains and Creed all the way to Johnny Cash, While She Waits has taken Southern Rock to a whole new level of defiant. While She Waits members have toured/played with such national acts as Queensryche, Godsmack, Hoobastank, Fuel, Linkin Park and more. Music Junkie Press calls While She Waits “…a Rock n Roll freight train you just have to hop on board and enjoy…” ( 

Quite frankly, there are no other Southern Rock bands that can even compare to While She Waits in terms of musicianship, lyrics and pure brazen talent. James’ voice penetrates your very core, while Dave’s crunchy bass licks perfectly compliment Aaron's thunderous drumming style. Combined with Tim and Matt's signature guitar styles,  this band is sure to tantalize your inner rebel. While She Waits has received radio play on 98 KUPD Phoenix, 93.9 KWSS Phoenix, 105.9 Alabama, 103.7 The Eagle Flagstaff/Prescott, and 92.3 KOMP in Las Vegas as well as several internet radio stations. While She Waits has endorsements from several big companies including Dirty Tequila, Ink Army, Schecter, Fishman, Larson and many more. If you haven’t heard of them yet, be prepared to be blown away when they come stomping to a town near you.